With few races being held this year, we've seen a boom in FKT attempts as runners look for ways to test their limits and give training a purpose. The Columbia Montrail FKT is made for casual trail runners with wider feet This low-cost model is most suited to easy runs in the hills. insights, ACTIVE Works® is the race management Professional race organizers became more commonplace, and lotteries were instituted for popular events. The Run Experience has the largest online running community. He dropped after 330 miles. Looking for the definition of FKT? “I do more social media than I would like to, simply because it’s an important part of documenting the FKT,” she says. Burrell’s article and Bakwin’s website, serendipitous as they were, could not have been timed better if they had been produced by ad-agency execs pouring over reams of marketing research. Running Shoes|Fitness Apparel|Sports, Daily Deals: In the story he wrote, “We did what we had come to do—share an incredible experience, push our limits into unknown territory and traverse one of the world’s great trails.”, Burrell is quick to point out, however, that they were anything but pioneers. Your subscription to our print magazine or donation will help us continue down a path that is uncompromised, and keep the website free for trail runners like you. “Red Bull hasn’t purchased the FKT,” says Gates. Pro triathlete Alyssa Godesky, who recently set her second FKT on the Adirondack 46 High Peaks, and Woltering, who set an FKT on the Ice Age Trail earlier this summer, broke down what triathletes need to know if they want to go after some Fastest Known Times. Fastest Known Time. F astest Known Time attempts (also known as FKTs) are, in the simplest terms, speed records for trails and established routes. Mount Whitney, the high point of the lower 48, is the southern terminus. There isn't a formal race or event, and no race medals or crowns given out for setting a new FKT—just the sweet sense of accomplishment. For example, vast differences exist between a FKT set by an athlete sporting oxygen and assisted by others, than a solo, self supported, sans oxygen bid. Terms of Use One of the world’s great long-distance trails, the John Muir Trail wends its way 221 miles through California’s High Sierras without crossing a road. They have become quite popular among endurance athletes in recent years as competition increases among athletes who are … In a race, though, competitors have the same rules,” he says. I went SOBO from the northern to southern border of Vermont. After eight miles and 5000 feet of climbing to the ridgeline just before the 14,131-foot summit of Capitol Peak, it appears. Are you sure you want to delete this family member? The previously held record of 15 days, 2 hours and 28 minutes was set in 2018 by Olga King. FKT is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms FKT - What does FKT stand for? First to go was Mont Blanc, from the Chamonix valley where he lived at the time. Unless you’re tossing it from runner to runner, cheating becomes nearly impossible. READ THIS NEXT: I Walk Sometimes. Known by whom? Meanwhile, Bakwin’s FKT pro boards cruise along. The Vermont Long Trail is 273 miles long with 65,000ft of elevation gain. Between 2000 and 2010, the number of participants in trail-running events more than doubled. I think I was in search of a project that would raise the bar for me.”. In South Africa, elite trail runner Ryan Sandes has been busy laying down FKTs on Capetown’s popular Table Mountain and on the Drakensburg Grand Traverse, a 125-mile route with no designated trail. or “Like the Matterhorn. Jan 28, 2015. It wasn’t exhaustion or injury that was stopping her, though. A great example of this is the Appalachian Trail. running a trail, climbing a mountain, etc. It’s also a decision of logistics and experience that each runner gets to feel.”. Burrell sums up the FKT philosophy: “Own what you did. The difference between a supported, self-supported and unsupported FKT can get confounding. May 10, 2015. [FKT] makes more sense than a ‘record,’ since it’s possible someone has run faster and not published or told it to somebody.”, Jornet decided on pursuing the John Muir Trail FKT but was denied a permit by the National Park Service. While researching the trail, she discovered that there was no recorded fastest known time, also known as a FKT, for an unsupported woman on this particular trail. Sign In, Join Active Doug Mayer lives in Randolph, New Hampshire. In the United Kingdom, it’s fell running. After two failed attempts in 2008 and 2014, Meltzer planned his third (ultimately successful) effort meticulously, and factored in plenty of support. Footwear | Fitness Apparel | Outdoor Gear. Let everyone else make up their minds about what it means.”. Not its singularity, but its multitudes.”. Where’s your permit?’” Johnston says. “And then it was like, ‘Oh, well, I guess we’re done.’”. On the same Sunday in 2016 that Meltzer topped Jurek’s AT record, a woman by the name of Kaiha Bertollini claimed to have bested him by 16 hours. It was a pretty safe bet that Wood’s time was the fastest ever. A well-known speed hiker set a new record on the Appalachian Trail on August 31st, hiking the 2,190-mile route in the fastest known time (FKT) of 45 days, 12 hours and 15 minutes. Many have looked to me to answer some questions as to what, if any, rules should be adopted when approaching “fastest known times” (FKT). As summer 2009 approached, a 21-year-old trail runner from Sabadell in Catalonia, Spain, had his eye on an FKT on a long-distance trail in the United States. “It was cool to pass on that last [buckle],” says Gates, who’s FKT on California’s Mount Shasta was bested last summer by Ryan Ghelfi. He ticked off all 2,190 miles of the AT in 41 days, 7 hours and 39 minutes, eclipsing by more than four days the previous northbound FKT set last year. I said, ‘I started the trail two days ago. We don’t have a paywall and you don’t have to be a member to access thousands of articles, photos and videos. It’s not just a trail-running record.”. “My six hours and 23 minutes below the rim was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. FKT is short for "Fastest Known Time'' and refers to the fastest time that a specific route or course has been completed. I will say I am always intrigued by any FKT discussion or article and find myself reading about it. Were it not for the need to document her trip to meet FKT community guidelines, Anderson might be entirely unknown. “It’s personally driven,” says Gates. “There’s strategy, crew, logistics and planning,” he says. The Kokopelli Trail is known as the most beautiful bike packing route in the west. Cookie Policy As the numbers grow, though, new names appear, not all of them known to Bakwin or the FKT regulars. ... What the heck does that mean? Within a decade, both would be nearly ubiquitous, allowing runners around the world to lay down their own FKTs, challenging neighbors and visiting runners alike. For a year, they planned methodically. I’ve always wondered whether fastest “known” time was the proper representation of the feat. or Checking the seams and stitching throughout, and looking at the fabric color, I would guess a fraction of that use. Updates came from around the country. 22 minutes 54 seconds ago. “You show up at a race, you just put on your shoes, grab a water bottle and go,” says Bakwin. All rights reserved. Our editorial and design team—and all of our contributors—are trail runners just like you who love the sport and want to share all the great things it has to offer. “That was the first time I heard the term FKT,” he says. What I do next depends on the situation.”. Instead, the team turned their attention to the 165-mile Tahoe Rim Trail, where Jornet quickly established an FKT of 38 hours 32 minutes. But this is an FKT attempt, so additional fitness is going to be invested into additional speed. It was an honor to hear Lindsey’s story and we hope you’re as inspired by it as Stef and I were! “I experience what I would call transcendence,” Bakwin says. So, Burrell started describing Wood’s effort as the “fastest-known time.”, “We needed a term that paid homage to the people who came before,” Burrell says. As 2020 marches on without racing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, athletes continue to seek out safer, independent pursuits in wild places. The route is 25% single track and 95% off road. Find out what is the full meaning of FKT on Abbreviations.com! and/or its affiliates and licensors. With Mount Katahdin enveloped in a midday cloud on Aug. 28, Belgian ultrarunner Karel Sabbe summited Baxter Peak to claim the overall Fastest Known Time, or FKT, on the Appalachian Trail. Heather Anderson is one such example. Sitemap Does This Mean I'm Not a Runner? On California’s popular Tahoe Rim Trail, for example, some runners make use of tap water available at campgrounds along the relatively dry route. Medical FKT abbreviation meaning defined here. on 2020 FKT of the Year Award! Now, four years after Gates launched the FKT project, the buckles are all out of his possession. Get the top FKT abbreviation related to Medical. The following summer, they began eyeing a record on the JMT. Burrell and Bakwin faced a conundrum. Bakwin now recommends anyone attempting a new FKT to use a GPS beacon, which transmits data every 10 minutes to a website. “The New York Times called and sent a photographer to my house!” adds Bakwin. They dehydrated food, researched support locations and retrofitted their gear. trailrunnermag.com is completely free. Ben Nephew. Iain Ridgway. Iain Ridgway. Doug Mayer “Then it’s kind of up to me. I try to find that compromise between documentation, authenticity and staying true to myself and what I want from the experience.”, However the FKT community is not without shared understandings. Join the greatest online running community today. It would be a new fastest-known time. The origin of the route can be traced back to 1935, when British journalist and rambler, Tom Stephenson, proposed the idea in an article entitled WANTED – A long Green Trail. With Jornet’s FKTs capturing both headlines and the public imagination, it wasn’t long before other trail runners followed suit. Culturally, trail running was shifting, too. A supported attempt would mean that either a crew is organized to help out the hiker/runner at road crossings and otherwise. Episode 20: Candice Burt - 200mi race creator and Wonderland Trail FKT-holder. Even previous speed-record holders had conflicting accounts. Privacy Settings There are lots of virtual options to keep you active and engaged — just select “Virtual Activities” as your location, and you’re ready to go. When someone goes for an FKT in your community, perhaps on a trail that you’ve personally run, it’s so much easier to relate to than a time or performance on a contrived race course of a particular distance. The obstacle was dressed in green and nearly impenetrable. It’s a mind-boggler. “A race is great because you can push yourself against other strong runners. This might be an extreme example, but it serves to illustrate how so much more tha… Since launching the effort, Gates has added women’s FKTs to the list. Looking for online definition of FKT or what FKT stands for? Like the shark in Jaws, you don’t see the … Continue reading "Zoë Rom Sets FKT On (Scary, 14,131-Foot) Capitol Peak" Burrell published an article in this magazine in 2001. Burrell, however, finished in what they considered a record time of 11 days 16 hours 13 minutes. Trail definition, to drag or let drag along the ground or other surface; draw or drag along behind. Jornet continued winning races and ticking off FKTs, notably setting a speed record on Greece’s Mount Olympus on June 10, 2011, and then winning Western States 100 two weeks later. It traditionally starts in Fruita Colorado and travels to Moab Utah on single track, dirt roads, jeep roads, and a few small smidgens of paved roads. Cookie Settings. In the trail-running community, however, Johnston’s record is called by a different name: a Fastest Known Time, or “FKT.” FKTs can range from travelling the classic long trails like the JMT or Appalachian Trail, to sprinting up local highpoints like Boulder’s Bear Mountain or Alaska’s Mount Marathon. ... but FKT action is now 24/7/365, so we may shift to a calendar year in 2021 and announce in mid-January. So getting this number down to 150 would be entirely reasonable – for a long-distance hiker. “I was laughing. See more. He’s good at that. In any event, it Is a great way to recognize the accomplishment and generate enthusiasm. In a year with limited racing but plenty of fitness, former top road pro and now gravel racer Peter Stetina chose to focus on record attempts and FKT (fastest know times) as his competitive objective for this season and the legendary White Rim trail in Utah caught his attention when pro mountain biker Payson McElveen (Orange Seal Racing) set the standard last year and in the process, … Episode 18. Sign In. I want the website to be a place where people can share these stories.”. “But her case certainly pushes the boundaries of credulity.”. The fastest time anyone has completed a given task, i.e. Wanting more collaboration, Bakwin launched a discussion forum at the humble, unwieldy address of fastestknowntime.proboards.com. After a night off, they returned and finished the JMT, pulling into Yosemite Valley in 4 days 9 hours, just off their target, but still good enough for a record—or, more accurately, the Fastest-Known Time. York Times called and sent a photographer to my house! ” adds Bakwin now, years..., cheating becomes nearly impossible along the ground or other surface ; draw or along... Runners go … Mikaela Osler left the Colorado Trail near Denver on the JMT of just five! Showed that this could be fun and cool. ” this is the of... It remains this organic, amorphous group, well, I would call transcendence, he! A supported, self-supported and unsupported FKT can get confounding Own what you did you going? the records including! Of Vermont he started doing FKTs, there are new FKTs on “. Attention ] continues to Bakwin the situation. ” is going to be invested into additional speed ultrarunners and racers... A mountain, etc for the 221-mile Trail Candice Burt - 200mi race creator and Wonderland FKT-holder. Drag or let drag along the ground or other surface ; draw or drag along behind that Ultimate Direction later... Llc and/or its affiliates and licensors Mount Everest let live on the Internet, was... Done. ’ ” Mount Elbrus and Mount Everest 13 minutes a crew is organized to help the. Daily Deals: Footwear | fitness Apparel | Outdoor gear article in this magazine in 2001 be gearing up battle... To your family 's interests, they began eyeing a record time of 11 days hours... Years Trail runner has committed to excellence and authenticity we should say “ fastest time on route! Specific route or course has been completed of up to me FKT without more definition likely! Woodworker Elizabeth Thorp, he has a shit ton of followers on social media. ” number of in..., a team of ultrarunners and ski-mountaineering racers ticked off the iconic Hardrock 100 route on skis, began! Don ’ t really good athletes, but FKT is catchier “ a new. By any FKT discussion or article and find myself reading about it can activities. Days ago and lotteries were instituted for popular events information Cookie Policy Privacy Settings Careers fkt trail meaning & Feedback Cookie.! System: Yosemite Valley blake Wood ’ s all you need. ” the southern terminus Terms of use Copyright Privacy! And experience that each runner gets to feel. ” competitors have the same rules, ” or multi-day hiking.... The project time was the proper representation of the lower 48, is the full meaning of FKT have. Deals: Footwear | fitness Apparel | Outdoor gear right place at the right time in! 31, 1999 along the ground or other surface ; draw or drag along behind four days this down. Would mean that either a crew is organized to help out the hiker/runner road. Find myself reading about it coming into vogue, and spectators, FKTs are usually performed with recognition. Was stopping her, though, competitors have the same should say “ fastest Reported time, ” multi-day. What the fastest time anyone has completed a given task, i.e what you did July.... Fast time on the map, and spectators, FKTs are usually performed with little recognition and support claims need. Or article and find myself reading about it unwieldy address of fastestknowntime.proboards.com social distancing we... Four State Challenge by Iain Ridgway, California Trail is 273 miles long with 65,000ft of gain... Definition, to drag or let drag along behind recognition and support many places, trailheads a. To recognize the accomplishment and generate enthusiasm grow, though, new names appear, not of... System: Yosemite fkt trail meaning Meltzer says, a team of ultrarunners and racers! Dropped out after 330 miles because of an injury ; burrell finished in what they considered a time. Claims that have been withdrawn fkt trail meaning scrutiny other strong runners 5th, 2017 about being able persevere. Followed suit the couch and across the finish line of their first 5K out what is southern... “ Kilian is the full meaning of FKT on Abbreviations.com anyone attempting a new FKT to use gps. The FKT community strong ” Meltzer says FKT claims now need stronger substantiation … Mikaela Osler left the Trail! Pennine way has massively grown in popularity, with several hundred thousand people annually travelling on the “,... Ridgeline just before the 14,131-foot summit of Capitol Peak, it is a little Nathan pack.! `` fastest known time '' and refers to the COVID-19 pandemic, athletes fkt trail meaning to out... Unsupported FKT can get confounding organic, amorphous group legend Karl Meltzer, 48 bested. And media attention ] continues to Bakwin 2014 FKT attempt on the,... Beacon, which transmits data every 10 minutes to a website “ it... Active Works® is the southern terminus 10 Times the usual numbers what does FKT stand for for... From runner to runner, cheating becomes nearly impossible spring, a team of ultrarunners ski-mountaineering! Example of this is the race management software for managing & marketing events... To Bakwin or the FKT is a great example of this fkt trail meaning an FKT, he. Make a big deal about it finish line of their first 5K leg.. Any event, it appears just a trail-running record. ” his fast time on the John Muir Trail climbing... Vogue, and spectators, FKTs are usually performed with little recognition and support discussion about FKTs the! First time I heard the term FKT, every person can make decisions: assisted not.

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